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"Without a doubt the best
Old Time Radio site
on the net"
Jerry (just one of many happy members of RUSC)

If you like old radio shows
from the 30s, 40s and 50s
you will be thrilled when you
become a member of RUSC

You'll get immediate access to
old time radio shows.

Welcome to RU Sitting Comfortably, the website that takes you back in time to a wonderful land where classic old radio shows can be enjoyed once more by young and old alike.

RUSC is a treasure trove of thousands of old radio shows from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. It includes everything from comedy shows through to spine-tingling thrillers. There are classic detective shows, children's serials, variety shows, and a great deal more.

Each show on RUSC can be downloaded to your PC and enjoyed again and again. It is just like going back in time.

To become a member of RUSC costs as little as $5 a month - less than the cost of a hamburger and fries and old radio shows are a LOT healthier!


" Your site is tremendous! Everything works smoothly and the selection of shows is the best I've seen. You are truly performing a great service by making the "golden age of radio" available to enjoy all over again" Dick

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Why not give the RUSC Old Time Radio Show website a test drive!

If you want to give RUSC a test drive before becoming a fully fledged member you can now select the Trial Membership option and pay just $2.95 for three days. If you like the site, which I hope you will, you don't need to do anything as your membership will be automatically converted to the Standard Membership (i.e. $7.50 per month) at the end of the three days. If you decide you don't want to become a member all you need to do is cancel at any time within the three day trial and you won't pay a single cent more.


"Your radio site is awesome. Thank you for a great escape back to some wonderful memories"" Johnny

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Click here to become a member of the
RUSC Old Time Radio Site

I do hope that you decide to become a member of RUSC as without the kind support of people like yourself RUSC simply wouldn't exist.

Wishing you all the best!

P.S. If you have any questions before joining please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail to and I will do my best to answer your query.




Enjoy a wonderful old time radio show today!

Click here to become a member of the RUSC Old Time Radio website

Here are a dozen reasons why you should join!

1. Unlimited access to over 6,500 old time radio shows

2. All old time radio shows in high quality MP3 format.

3. All old time radio shows include brief reviews to help you decide which to download.

4. All old time shows include running time, size, broadcast information.

5. Fully searchable by show name, date, series, episode, etc.

6. Handy basket feature lets you put all the old time radio shows you want in your basket and then download them either individually or all at once.

7. Quick right-click feature allows for immediate downloading.

8. New old time radio shows added daily.

9. Membership is just $7.50 per month.

10. A friendly site dedicated to helping you to get hours of pleasure from classic old radio shows of the past.

11. No pop-up windows to annoy you.

12. High speed server, fast page-loads and downloads.

Click here to become a member of the RUSC Old Time Radio site